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The Best Places to Find Jobs Online in South Africa

The Best Places to Find Jobs Online in South Africa
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With an estimated 3.8 million South Africans now being online in some way or another, the availability of localised information has grown substantially. Job searching, as a result, has also come online.

If you know where to look, there is a seemingly endless array of opportunities. Here we will outline some of the most popular, and most active websites on which to find vacancies.


Indeed is a job search engine. That is, it scours the internet and pulls job post information from many different websites and sources. It then categorizes them by location, company and field. Indeed has pretty powerful search features and claims to add an average of over 9 jobs per second to their database

While sites like indeed are not home-grown South African sites, they do cover South African jobs.

Google Jobs

Google, while generally known for being the world’s most popular search engine, has also added specialized features aimed job seekers and job posters. Do a google search for “design jobs in Johannesburg”, for instance, and you will be provided with the option to view and search through hundreds of jobs.


Being one of the most popular websites in South Africa, Gumtree is home to thousands of daily classifieds postings. Not only can you find postings for work being offered, but also visit the job seekers section and advertise your availability.

As of writing, Gumtree has over ten thousand open job posts across South Africa.

Job Mail

Job Mail was originally a print-only newspaper-style job publication. While still available in print format for those without a reliable internet connection, you are able to browse and search job postings covering both local and international vacancies.

Job Mail also categorizes listings by company, allowing you to browse available jobs at companies you have an affinity for.


LinkedIn is a business-focused social network that allows you to follow companies, connect with colleagues and, you guessed it, search for jobs. LinkedIn allows you to set up your personal profile, which works much like a curriculum vitae. If you are at a later stage in your career, or your skillset is in demand, you may even be contacted by recruitment agencies or other business people looking to hire you.

Game Plan

The above sites should give you a wealth of job postings to search through. Before you start looking for a job, however, it is a good idea to have an idea of the type of position you are looking for. You could spend hours looking for a job and get disheartened that you cannot find a suitable position, just because you are not refining your search and using the correct keywords.

Also make sure to draft an updated version of your curriculum vitae, then customise it for each job you apply for. Whether you have no experience, or are a seasoned veteran, we have you covered.

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